Tutorial Introduction to Language-Driven Engineering

This tutorial on Language-Driven Engineering (LDE) was part of the School on Tool-based Rigorous Engineering of Software Systems (STRESS 2018). On this site you will find all instructions and artefacts to work through it yourself.

Publication: F. Gossen, T. Margaria, A. Murtovi, S. Naujokat, B. Steffen, “DSLs for Decision Services: A Tutorial Introduction to Language-Driven Engineering”, in Leveraging Applications of Formal Methods, Verification and Validation. Modelling, ISoLA 2018, LNCS, Vol. 11244, 2018.

Download Paper (PDF)

Tutorial 1: Modelling an Email Classification Service

You will first develop an email classification service graphically and in a model-driven fashion. The service can be embedded in any Java application to organise for example the stream of emails in your inbox.

Tutorial 2: Evolve the Modelling Language

To overcome the limitations of the initial modelling language, we evolve the language to capture its users’ mindsets. This way, we enable application experts to express their expertise in the language and to easily build powerful decision services. Read more about Language-Driven Engineering (LDE).