ADD-Lib 2.0.0 BETA Release

Sep 20, 2018 by F. Gossen, A. Murtovi, J. Linden, and B. Steffen

Today we finally open-sourced the ADD-Lib and made it available to the public. With the ADD-Lib we introduce a powerful framework for Decision Diagrams to the Java world. The library comprises Binary Decision Diagrams (BDDs), Zero-supressed Decision Diagrams (ZDDs), Algebraic Decision Diagrams (ADDs), and supports the seamless adaptation to custom algebraic structures – may it be fuzzy logics, string concatenation, or permutation groups.

The public repository is hosted at

To use the first public version of the ADD-Lib (2.0.0 BETA) in your Maven project, simply include the following dependency in the pom.xml.