Visualisation of Decision Diagrams

The ADD-Lib comprises functionality for layouting and visualisation of decision diagrams. In particular, the DOT-Viewer provides a quick and easy way to visualise decision diagrams which can help greatly to debug your code.


The DotViewer is a powerful tool to visualise decision diagrams (any XDD) quickly. Simply instantiate a viewer with an optional name like this:

DotViewer<XDD<?>> myViewer = new DotViewer<>("My Viewer");

To display a decision diagram, invoke the viewer’s view method and give the decision diagram a name:

myViewer.view(f, "SomeDecisionDiagram");
Viewer visualises a decision diagram with the name 'SomeDecisionDiagram'

You can use the viewer’s waiting method to wait for the user to close all windows the viewer instance has opened.


The Viewer comprises features to export decision diagrams in *.dot and *.png formats.


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